Secondary Suites

A second suite is a typical name for an apartment located in the basement of a house, an extra loft, or another type of secondary private unit in a house which has no more than one other unit.

  • A classic second suite includes:
  • An independent set of rooms that can be utilized as a unit separate from the main unit
  • Bathroom and kitchen facilities for the use of the unit
  • Access that can be either shared or separate from the other unit

The latest real estate market trends show that more and more homeowners are deciding to finish or renovate their basements and build a second suite, and it’s easy to see why. Having a second suite adds a private rental space to your household that will greatly benefit you in the long term: it gives low and medium income families, young adults and seniors an opportunity to rent from you. This earns additional income for your family which can be used for anything you want, including mortgage payments, vacations and school/college fees for your kids.

Choosing materials for your basement is a vital first step, and our professional advice services will help you avoid common pitfalls to ensure that your loved ones or new tenants are going to be happy and fully enjoy their new unit. Our friendly team has a huge selection of finishes and materials for your new basement, everything from custom bars to stunning fireplaces and wall-coverings. We use globally top of the line, mould-free, energy-efficient, fire- and water-resistant building materials to ensure your safety and satisfaction with your second suite.  We guarantee lowest price in Edmonton & area.

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