What You Need to Know About Complete Home Renovations

If you want to learn more about complete home renovations for your home, you

have come to the right place!

Complete home renovations require a great deal of due diligence to ensure both the

functional and aesthetic requirements are well planned and make the most of your

budget expectations. Evaluating the structural considerations and design creativity

possible, based on your existing house plan and layout, as well as your lot size if you

are considering an addition, is essential.

If you are considering a complete home renovation, hiring one of the best in

Edmonton that specialize in renovations is recommended; this will ensure you are

carefully guided through the various steps to achieve a successful end result.

Utilizing Reed Group’s mean our team will help uncover the why behind your

renovation and determine how you want to live in your home both now and in the


Reed Group’s experts will address points of frustration in your current spaces as well

as delve into design inspirations unique to you and your family; these are what we

refer to as “inspired living” influences and ultimately what makes your house a


With Reed Group’s variety of in house trades you can assure you will be getting the

best price possible as well as eliminating the complexity of scheduling multiple

different trades and contractors, our in house services include:

• Framing / Insulation

• Drywall

• Electrical / Mechanical

• Plumbing

• Painting

• Cabinets and Countertops

• Ceramics

• Flooring (Hardwood, Luxury Vinyl Plank, Carpet, Laminate)

• Millwork

Asking the right questions from the onset is imperative; including questions that

address future planning for aging in place. As well, if you have any family members

with accessibility issues, there are many options you can incorporate into the design

of your home that can improve quality of life and ensure everyone has both

comfortable and safe access to your home spaces.

Having Reed Group’s experts ask you questions you may not have thought about will

ensure no stone is left unturned when it comes to your house redesign and will

eliminate regrets after the completion of your home remodeling project.

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