At Reed Group all our exceptional, high-end interior designs

come with our vast expertise in renovations and home building. We are experts at

creating inspiring, aesthetically pleasing and functional living spaces that are custom

to your particular tastes, lifestyle and your vision for your future in your home.

Interior design plays a big role in the everyday life. It introduces people to beauty,

relaxation, and modernism of your home. At Reed Group we truly believe that starting

with selection and design of the most important and budget sensitive interior elements

in the planning stage of interior design is very important. We will work exceptionally

hard to address the areas of frustration in your current spaces as well as dive into design

goals, inspirations and ideas unique to you and your family. Inspired living is ultimately

what makes your house a home.

Our interior design services include:

• Electrical Plans

• Floor Layouts

• Home Styling and Furnishing

• Sketch / 3D Renderings

• Kitchen and Bathroom Design

• Flooring + Cabinetry Design

• Furniture Layouts

• All interior Fixtures + Finishing Selections

• Fireplace + Staircase Design

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