What You Need to Know About Exterior Home Renovations

The exterior of your home is your statement of expression; representing both pride of

ownership and curb appeal. Reed Group works to achieve the balance between the

home owners design preferences, while at the same time complementing the

neighborhood stylings.

As a Renovation and Custom Build firm, Reed Group is a name that homeowners trust

for their renovations. Whatever reason you have for seeking exterior home remodeling,

know that you can always count on our team of experts to provide you with the very

best guidance in achieving your transformation.

Reed Group specializes in providing exterior renovations for homeowners looking to

rejuvenate their tired exteriors and who want to accomplish a complete makeover to

improve their curb appeal. However, if you are looking for specific exterior services like

siding, roofing or soffit replacement, we are happy to connect you with our experienced

and professional network of suppliers, who we have personally vetted; we are confident

they will provide you with the highest standard of customer service and expertise.

No matter the scope of your exterior renovations, we understand the primary concerns

all homeowners share when it comes to Edmonton exterior renovations; they want to

know that the start date and completion dates they have been promised by Edmonton

renovation companies will be met and they want to know their budget will be adhered


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