At Reed Group we understand that building a custom home or renovating an existing home can be intimidating and stressful. With our custom Building Plan

Process we can provide you with the advice, guidance and transparency you need to

help put you at ease, our goal is to make you feel confident in your decisions when it

comes to customizing and renovating your home. We walk clients through every

step of their renovation or custom build with the objective to be transparent and

predictable so you know what to expect and can be as prepared and informed as



At the completion of every home renovation or build we offer to sit down with each

client in order to gather information, feedback and valuable insight on how their

experience was with our company. We then use this information to fine tune our

Building Plan Process to assure we are continuously learning and making

improvements; staying true to our commitment to deliver the very best customer

experience possible.


To understand more about our Building Plan Process, click on the tabs below (+) for

detailed information on the three stages of construction: Pre- Construction,

Construction and Post Construction. This process varies based on client needs and

on each project, renovations have a simpler Building Plan Process from a new build.




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